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The Current Leadership

School of Economics and Management

      After more than 30 years' construction and development, School of Economics and Management, which originated in 1980, now has two broad discipline categories, namely the economics and the management. The strong faculty has 90% of its members with doctorate or master's degrees. In addition, the School has also appointed a group of domestically and globally influential experts and management professionals as part-time professors.

      The School has established a relatively integrated system of disciplines and subjects with distinctive features in information technology and quantitative analysis. The School now embraces 4 first-class subjects: Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Library Science & Informatics & Achieves Management, and Applied Economics; 1 Ph.D. Degree authorization program in Management Science and Engineering; 6 Master Degree authorization programs in Management Science and Engineering (ministerial-level key discipline), Enterprise Management, Accounting, Finance, Informatics (ministerial-level key discipline), and Library Science; professional Master Degree programs in Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Engineering (including Industrial Engineering, Project Management, and Logistics Engineering), and Master of Finance. The School has also established 5 subjects for undergraduates: Information Management and Information System (provincial famous-brand subject and provincial feature subject), Business Administration (provincial feature subject), Industrial Engineering, Finance, and Electronic Commerce. The Xidian University-based Teaching School for Shaanxi Master's Degree Institute of Business Administration (MBA) is also established in the School. There are research institutions such as System Engineering Institute, Information Management Institute, Organization and Strategy Institute, Management Decision Institute, and Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center. The School has also set up the Economics and Management Experiment Center, which is further divided into Information Management Lab, Industrial Engineering Lab, and Electronic Commerce Lab. The School has cooperated with Kingdee international software group co., LTD to construct the "Entrepreneur Informatization and Business Management Simulation Lab". Also affiliated in the School are Xi'an Base of Science and Technology Information Personnel Training Center for the General Reserve Department of PLA, and Northwest Network Management Center for China Engineering & Technology Information Network.

       The School has always put great emphasis on the teaching research and reform, and it has 1 provincial-level famous-brand subject, 2 provincial featured subjects; 1 national fine-designed course, 3 provincial fine-designed courses; 1 provincial-level experiment demonstration center; 1 provincial-level innovative experiment district in talents training model, and 4 university-wide teaching masters. The School has be awarded the first and the second prizes in Outstanding Teaching Achievements in Shaanxi Province, the first prize in Huo Yingdong Outstanding Young Teachers (Teaching type), and the first and second prizes in Ministerial Excellent Teaching Materials. It has appointed successively 23 experts outside campus, including 1 Honorary Professor, 14 part-time professors, and 8 visiting professors.

       With a long-term construction and development, the School of Economics and Management has equipped itself with some competitive advantages and distinctive features in research fields such as the Theory and Method of Information Management, Logistic and Decision Analysis, Enterprise Technology Innovation and Management, Management Information System, Enterprise Organization and Development Strategy, Finance and Insurance Actuarial, Electronic Commerce, Information Retrieval and Information Integration, and Knowledge Management Technology. Over the recent years, the School has successively won more than 50 prizes such as Progress Prizes in Science and Technology and Outstanding Achievements in Social Sciences at national, provincial, and municipal levels. It has undertaken more than 50 projects from the 863 Plan for the Ministry of Science and Technology, NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China), State Social Sciences Fund, and Shaanxi Province. There are almost 100 academic papers published in SCI-, SSCI-, or EI-retrieved publications, and more than 20 monographs or translated books published by Science Press, Tsinghua University Press, and so on.

      The School has paid great attention to foreign cooperation and exchanges. It has successively established academic exchange and cooperation with a number of top universities in the United States, Japan, Sweden, and HongKong. Ever since 1996, the School has cooperated with many universities and enterprises in Japan in holding four sessions of the New Industrial Engineering Senior Academic Seminar. Top management officials in Infineon Technologies AG as well as many prestigious entrepreneurs have successively set up master degree courses for the School, thus laying a solid foundation for promoting the internationalization efforts of education in economics and management in the School.

      With "Generous Morality, Progressive Learning, Inspiring Motivation, Honest Behavior" as the philosophy of schooling, both the leadership and the faculty in the School has emphasized the knowledge structure of "integration of management, economics, and information" to shape and carry forward the modern spirit of humanity with the features of the times. They are standing at the front of Chinese economics and management development to learn from others' strong points, emphasize its own characteristics, beautify the environment, pursue excellence, and culture for the country more management talents in electronics and information industry.


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