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Introduction to the Experiment Center

      The Experiment and Teaching Center (shortened as Experiment Center) originated from the Management Engineering Lab and the Informatics Engineering Lab established in 1980 in the department of Management Engineering and Informatics at Northwest Institute of Telecommunication Engineering. For the next 20 years or so, with the development of both the Institute and the School, the labs have been expanding in overall scale and broaden in teaching practice and research field. On October, 2001, based on an integration of the resources of all professional labs, the Experiment and Teaching Center was set up under the management of the School. On May, 2007, the Experiment Center was awarded the title of the School-level Experiment and Teaching Demonstration Center at Xidian University.
       The Experiment Center is further divided into five labs, including ERP United Lab, Enterprise Operation Simulation Lab, Industrial Engineering Lab, Information Management Lab, and Comprehensive Lab. The ERP United Lab is under construction in collaboration with Microsoft, which will be equipped with 12 million RMB worth of equipment. The Labs take up an area of 400O with about 280 sets of devices of more than 13 million RMB worth as well as 15 sets of various teaching and experiment software. The Center undertakes the teaching tasks such as experiments, practical training, and practices for more than 1300 undergraduates from five different subjects, as well as the experiment teaching for more than 600 graduates. At present, 14 experiment courses are set up in various labs in the Center, more than 50 experiment projects are undertaken, and an average of 28875 credit hours each year is provided to students.
      Ever since its establishment, the Experiment Center has paid great attention to its collaboration with famous enterprises at home and abroad, its continual improvements of its own hardware and software abilities with the aid of enterprises, and its enhancement and expansion of the influence of both the School and the University. Among the major collaborated projects are:
       (1) The construction of "Enterprise informatization Business Management Simulation Lab" in collaboration with Kingdee international software group co., LTD(China) in 2005;
       (2) It took part in the cooperation plan with SPSS in the US in 2006, becoming successfully one of the first nine selected schools. Free copies of SPSS statistics software and Clementine data mining software are donated to the School. Besides, it has trained for free more than 100 teachers and students at our University;
       (3) The School cooperated in 2007 with Microsoft to construct the Dynamics (Axapta) ERP Experiment Platform with software worth RMB 12 million donated, becoming one of its ten collaborative universities in China.
       There are 8 full-time teaching management personnel in the Center at present (including 1 professor, 2 associate professors, and three lecturers), 11 part-time teaching and research staff (among which there are 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 2 lecturers, and 5 Ph.Ds).
       Over the recent years, with the promotion of quality-oriented education and intensification of teaching content, teaching methods, and teaching skills, the Center has been cooperating actively with theoretical teaching, thus putting into full play the role of the labs in nurturing the students' ability in learning, practice, and innovation. It has also carried out explorations into and research on the content, style, and method of teaching and experiments for economic management subjects. In its practice of nurturing "innovative and open-minded" high-quality innovative talents, the Center has formed its own features, made a group of valuable achievements, and exploring and getting much promotable and worthwhile experience in the experiment teaching for economic management subjects.
       On July, 2011, the Center was awarded the title of the Provincial-level Experiment and Teaching Demonstration Center in Shaanxi.

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