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Subjects for Doctoral Graduates


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Research interests

Doctorate program for management science and engineering


Four major research interests include: information management and information system, industrial engineering and service management, theory and methodology of knowledge management, and operation and decision-making


Subjects for Master Graduates


Name of the subjects

Research interests

Master program for management science and engineering


Operation and management of manufacturing system, industrial engineering and supply chain management, electronic commerce, non-linear system analysis, decision analysis, enterprise capital operation and management.


Master program for enterprise management


Management theory and strategic management, electronic commerce and the business model of network enterprises, management system analysis and decision-making, marketing, technological innovation, organizational behavior and human resources management, capital market and investment analysis.


Master program for informatics


Theory and methodology of informatics, information network technology, information management and integration, network intelligent management, information system analysis and design, digital library, information system safety.


Master program for finance


Risk management and insurance, financial engineering, financial market research, capital market and venture capital, securities investment analysis, financial informatization and financial safety.


Master program for accounting


Information technology-based accounting model and methodology research, investment and financing and risk management, cost management and enterprise financial planning


Master program for library science


Theory and technology of digital library, digital library, information retrieval and knowledge service, information resources integration and knowledge management


Professional Master Graduates



>>>National MBA
>>>MBA in Shaanxi Province

Engineering master

>>>industrial engineering
>>>project management
>>>logistics engineering

Master of finance

>>>Master of finance

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