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Education for MBA at Xidian University

      Xi'an Electronic Science and Technology University (Xidian University) is a national key university that focuses mainly on information and electronics subjects with a coordinated development of engineering, science, management, and arts. As one of the key construction higher education institutes in the national "985 competitive discipline innovation platform" project and "211 Project", it is one of the 56 higher education institutes across the whole country with graduate schools, one of the 37 demonstrative software schools, and one of the higher education institutes approved nationally to set up the incubation base for talents in integrated circuits. There are 14 schools at the University, among which there are 2 national first-class key disciplines (covering 6 second-class disciplines), 1 national second-class key discipline, 27 ministerial and provincial key disciplines, 11 first-class disciplines with doctorate degree programs (covering 48 second-class disciplines) and 18 first-class disciplines with master degree programs (covering 97 second-class disciplines). There are 7 mobile scientific research stations for post-doctoral students, 48 subjects for undergraduates, 15 national feature subjects, 13 national excellent courses, 3 national talents nurturing and teaching bases, 4 national experiment teaching demonstration centers, and 3 national innovative experiment centers for talents nurturing models. With its good conditions in comprehensive disciplines and complementary competitiveness, the University is aimed at providing profound discipline foundations for nurturing high-quality information industry-oriented MBA talents.
      After 30 years of construction and development, the education in Economics and Management, which originated in the early 1980s, now embraces a well-established discipline supporting system, faculty, and operation experience for nurturing MBA. There are 10 disciplines for undergraduates in economics and management, and 7 related disciplines for graduates, thus forming a comprehensive discipline system for nurturing MBA. With a long-time construction and development, the management disciplines at the University have form their distinctive discipline features and competitive advantages as well as a prominent feature of IT industrial background. Quite distinctive research interests have resulted in the management model of electronic commerce, strategic information management, and innovations in high-tech enterprises, and greatly competitive advantages have been established in the modeling of enterprise system, and simulations and decision-making.
      Education for MBA is a kind of education for practice-oriented professional master degree program. The objectives of MBA education at Xidian University are: to nurture professional stockbrokers and entrepreneurs with a good team spirity, a good command of theories in economics and management as well as expertise for business administration, and courage to explore and innovate. After many years of teaching practice in MBA, the MBA education at Xidian University has gone into a healthy and prosperous path of development. First-class teaching facilities for MBA have been established with principles sticking to market-orientation, serving the students, being updated with international levels, and nurturing high-quality talents. Based on the characteristics of internationalization, comprehensiveness, and application-orientation of MBA education, the School has been optimizing the design of MBA course syllabus and training objectives as well as exploring in and reforming the teaching content, methods and skills, and teaching management, thus forming the teaching features of innovation, truth-orientation, regulated management, and focusing on ability training of MBA, and founding a well-structured and experienced faculty.
       The operation objectives for MBA education at Xidian University are: nurture informatization-oriented, globalized, and marketized top economic management staff, emphasize the knowledge structure of "integration of management, economics, and information", and reshape and enhance the modern spirit of humanity with time characteristics.
      The School of Economics and Management has been sticking to the open-minded education idea in MBA education. By establishing cooperations with quite a few foreign universities, it invites each year many foreign experts and professionals to the University for academic communications and lectures. In addition, foreign experts and professionals give lectures or hold seminars regularly. From the year 1996, the School has united with NEW.IE Research Institute in Japan in holding 4 sessions of New Industrial Engineering High-level Academic Seminar, in which more than 40 MBA students at our University took part to communicate with staff from Japanese institutions of enterprises.
      What should be learned in MBA education is more a way of think rather than knowledge. The process of attending MBA education is a process of learning various theoretical knowledge as well as a process of idea collisions, a release of creativity and mobility, and an improvement in personal charm. MBA education at Xidian University is aimed at training the students in forming an overall perspective of considering problems, a clearer thinking mode, a way of dealing with problems, and an combination of theories and practice.
      Mr. Chen Daisun used to term the economics and management as "the oldest trade while the most fashionable profession". At the beginning of this new century, we are confident that MBA education in both old and young China will always have the vitality of times to face all challenges and opportunities from the constantly-changing world, to embrace the requirements of an open world, and to explore the perfect combination of Chinese characteristics with all the excellent foreign management educational thoughts, methods, and skills.
      The development of MBA education at Xidian University is faced with both opportunities and challenges, so we hope, after great efforts and assistance from all warm-hearted people in the society, to further improve the level in teaching, scientific research, faculty, and infrastructure, and achieve as soon as possible the objective of constructing the first-class school of economics and management domestically. The School of Economics and Management at Xidian University has always been dedicated to nurturing the best MBA talents to prove its distinctive and widespread value with actions.



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