Our team has some weird connections and does some weird stuff.  Check out these tidbits:

  • Harrison and Shantini met on a school bus of teenagers on their way to a music festival when they were 15 and immediately hit it off.  The first piece of writing he sent her was called, "And What of Foreign Beans?"
  • Shantini and Bryan met as lifeguards at Cultus Lake Waterpark in 2004.  Their sandal tans were unrivaled.
  • Harrison and Bryan were founding members of an Abbotsford band called "Cinnamon Toast Funk" from 2009-2011.  They wrote and recorded a full-length album.  They still have 887 fans on facebook.
  • Shantini first auditioned for Andy when he directed a musical called "13" for the Vancouver Fringe Festival.  She thought they were casting adults as 13-year-olds, so she dressed like a teenager even though she was 24.  She showed up to the audition to find a bunch of actual, real-live teenagers, so she hid behind an SUV until they called her name.  She did not get the part.
  • Jeff Gladstone and Shantini's brother-in-law, Cliff, performed together at Vancouver Theatre Sports League long before Jeff and Shantini ever met.  Cliff stole one of Jeff's improv games and has been using it ever since.
  • Lois and Shantini met working together at the Fringe festival in 2011.  They are the Official Bakers of the Vancouver theatre scene.
  • Lois, Harrison and Bryan all went to TWU together, all in different programs.
  • Steven Greenfield is obsessed with The Muppets, Batman and Disney. Shantini's husband's name is Steven, and he is also obsessed with The Muppets, Batman and Disney.
  • Alison wrote and starred in a show called "1/4 Life Crisis".  Harrison had one of those.
  • Chris music directed Shantini in a production of "The Wiz" that only had one black person.  (Pro tip: it wasn't Harrison.)
  • Garreth once saw Lois without a shirt on due to an over-heated booth and a technical emergency.
  • Garreth and Marcus work together for the Arts Club, though they work in different areas of the company and NE'ER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET.